NASCAR Dale Jarrett 88 RYR UPS Ford Taurus Life-Like HO Slot Car

Officially Licensed NASCAR® Ford® Taurus®
Ford Credit® Quality Care® Robert Yates Racing® #88™
Dale Jarrett®, 1999 NASCAR® Winston® Cup Series Champion
Life-Like Racing FAST TRACKERS HO Slot Car
BULK - No Retail Packaging

 Body sits on a M Chassis
 * Maxx-Traxx Technology
 * Maximum Handling! Maximum Cornering!
 * Maximum Traction at Maximum Speeds!
 * Realistic Track Gripping Performance
 * Wide Rear Tires for Better Traction
 * Patented Downforce Control
 * Super Power Bar Magnets for Superior Handling

Chassis clocked at nearly 1,000 scale MPH and can travel at up to 12 feet per second

Compatible with most HO electric racing slot car race track sets including Life-Like®, TYCO® Mattel®, TOMY® AFX® Racemasters™, auto world®, Model Motoring®, Aurora® Lock & Joiner, Aurora® AFX® Speed-Lok, Marchon® MR1™

  • Item #: LIF 9720
  • Manufacturer: Walthers® Life-Like® Rokar®

NASCAR Dale Jarrett 88 Quality Care Ford Credit Taurus Slot Car

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