Johnny Lightning™ Tuff Ones™ Release 1 Black Chassis

Johnny Lightning™ Tuff Ones™ Release 1 Black Chassis
Newly tooled & durability tested Johnny Lightning chassis replicates the performance and design of Aurora's famous Tuff-One's T-Jet 500 Chassis. For use with original Aurora TJet, Johnny Lightning ThunderJet 500 Pull-Back car, Johnny Lightning Tuff Ones, autoworld® ThunderJet 500™, auto world® ThunderJet Ultra-G™, and MoDEL MoToRING screw-on slot car bodies. NOTE: Tuff Ones rear wheels and wide slick tires may not fit under your body. Please take a good look at the pictures for body clearance determinations. Screws and guide pin not included. Compatible with all HO scale slot car race tracks. These Johnny Lightning Tuff Ones chassis will require regular maintenance including tuning, cleaning, and oiling (even before their first lap); just like they did back in the day. This is part of the FUN of HO Slot Car Racing!

NOTE: Johnny Lightning Release 1 Tuff-Ones chassis are different from all other releases of JL T-Jet 500 Tuff-Ones chassis. Release one chassis are black. All other release chassis are grey. R1 chassis pick-up shoe springs are longer and the R1 chassis wheel base is shorter. R1 chassis are considered 'collectibles' and 'hard-to-find' and are sold 'as is'. Replacement Parts are not included. Black chassis will require tuning before their first lap. It was Playing Mantis' first attempt at a T-Jet chassis and they made tolerance improvements with the release 2 grey chassis.

Brand New Old Stock from 2002 manufactured by Playing Mantis. Playing Mantis was bought and sold a few times and is now Round 2 auto world.

  • Item #: JLTO39320C
  • Manufacturer: Johnny Lightning® Playing Mantis®

Johnny Lightning™ Tuff Ones™ Release 1 Black Chassis

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