Jimmie Johnson 48 Lowes Chevy Impala SS Life-Like NASCAR HO Slot Car

Officially Licensed NASCAR® Chevrolet® Impala SS®
Lowes® Home Improvement Hendrick® Motorsports #48
KOBALT™ Tools Top Choice™ Lumber Quaker State® bethematch.org associate sponsors
GOODYEAR® and Sprint® Cup logos
Jimmie Johnson, 6 time NASCAR® Sprint® Cup Series Champion
Walthers Life-Like Racing FAST TRACKERS HO Slot Car
Factory Sealed New Old Stock (NOS) collectible released in 2009

 Body sits on a T Chassis
 * Maxx-Traxx Technology
 * Maximum Handling! Maximum Cornering!
 * Maximum Traction at Maximum Speeds!
 * Realistic Track Gripping Performance
 * Wide Rear Slick Tires for Better Traction
 * Micro balanced axle for a smooth ride
 * Custom precision speed wound armature
 * Rare Earth Neo Dot Traction Magnets
T Chassis clocked at nearly 1,000 scale MPH and can travel at up to 12 feet per second.

Compatible with most HO electric racing slot car race track sets including Life-Like®, TYCO® Mattel®, TOMY® AFX® Racemasters™, auto world®, Model Motoring®, Aurora® Lock & Joiner, Aurora® AFX® Speed-Lok, Marchon® MR1™

  • Item #: LIF 9122
  • Manufacturer: Walthers® Life-Like® Rokar®

Jimmie Johnson 48 Lowes Chevy Impala SS Life-Like NASCAR SlotCar

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