Dale Earnhardt Jr & Kasey Kahne NASCAR Competition HO Racing Set

Officially Licensed Factory Sealed New Old Stock (NOS) collectible released in 2012

This NASCAR® Turbo Racers Electric Racing HO Slot Car Race Set is all out, super fast NASCAR® action! Hendrick® Motorsports teammates Dale Earnhardt Jr® versus Kasey Kahne®. Play out the real drama of NASCAR® racing at home. Test your skills on on this tricky raceway! Strap in for high speed thrills with its sharp curves and long straights with over-and-under action.

20 feet (6.09m) of easy to assemble Dura-Lock™ track
Set up size is 60.5 inches x 43 inches (1.53 x 1.09m)
Unassembled. Adult assembly required.

Set includes 2 highly detailed Walthers Life-Like Racing FAST TRACKERS modern magnet downforce HO Slot Cars factory-fitted with Max-Traxx technology that combines traction control magnets for cornering speed, micro-balanced axle for smooth ride and center magnets for all-around control. Fast Trackers were rated first in speed and cornering when tested against all popular national HO slot car brands and clocked at nearly 1,000 scale MPH!

Set Contains:
#88 Dale Earnhardt Jr® diet Mtn Dew® Hendrick Motorsports® Chevy® Impala™
#5 Kasey Kahne® Farmers Insurance® Hendrick Motorsports®Chevy® Impala™

Track and Accessories:
• 1 - UL-approved Power Pak
• 1 – 9 inch Terminal Straight with Controllers
• 1 – 9 inch Lap Counter Straight
• 1 – 9 inch Squeeze Track
• 2 – 15 inch Straights
• 2 – Low Pier Track Elevation Supports
• 4 – High Pier Track Elevation Supports
• 7 – 9 inch Straights
• 10 – 9 inch Radius ¼ Circle Curves
• 10 – Guardrails
• 28 – NASCAR® Flag Decals and 28 Flagpoles
• Instruction Sheet - Set is Unassembled - Adult assembly required

Compatible with most HO scale electric racing slot cars including Walthers® Life-Like®, TYCO®, Mattel®, Formula TYCO™, HP-7™, 440-X2™, TOMY® AFX® Racemasters™, auto world®, Model Motoring®, Aurora® ThunderJet 500™, Aurora® AFX®, and MARCHON® MR1™

CAUTION: Slot Car Racing and collecting is an adult hobby and does not offer the same experience as new high tech toys and video games. Slot Car Racing is a hobby requiring mechanical skills and dexterity for driving. This hobby will require almost as much time in track and car maintenance as in actual racing. For those who know and love this hobby, this is part of the FUN of HO SLOT CARS. We do not advocate or encourage the purchase of merchandise from HOCars.net for anyone under the age of 18. However, with adult supervision, Walthers Life-Like Race Sets can be a great introduction to the world of electric slot car racing.

  • Item #: LIF 9061
  • Manufacturer: Walthers® Life-Like® Rokar®

Dale Earnhardt Jr Kasey Kahne NASCAR TURBO Racer HO Racing Set

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