Buick Regal Grand National Johnny Lightning XTRACTION HO Slot Car

This new retro style HO Slot Car body can be optionally assembled to a Johnny Lightning X-Traction chassis or a New Old Stock (NOS) Aurora AFX MagaTraction chassis or New Old Stock (NOS) Aurora A/FX Non MagaTraction chassis.

The Johnny Lightning X-TRACTION chassis is newly tooled & durability tested and replicates the performance, design and movement of AURORA's classic AFX MagnaTraction chassis from the 1970’s. This durable Pancake chassis design will require regular maintenance including tuning, cleaning, and oiling; just like they did back in the day. This is part of the FUN of HO Slot Car Racing!

BODIES and bodies configured with chassis are shipped bulk or packaged in an AFX style clear display jewel box just like the ones Aurora AFX cars came in.

This modern representation of vintage style collectible slot cars is truly a blast from the past! Compatible with most HO electric racing slot car race track sets including Life-Like®, TYCO®, Mattel®, TOMY® AFX® Racemasters™, auto world®, Model Motoring®, Aurora® Lock & Joiner, Aurora® AFX® Speed-Lok, Marchon®, and Micro Scalextric®.

Buick™ Grand National™
Black with Turbo Logos
Buick™ Regal™ Grand National™ T-Type GNX Turbo
Johnny Lightning X-Traction Release 1
Playing Mantis limited production to 3000 units

  • Item #: JLXT 39401 BG
  • Manufacturer: Johnny Lightning® Playing Mantis®

Buick Regal Grand National Turbo JL Xtraction HO SlotCar - Black

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